Further to the announcement below, and the recent announcement with regards to school closures across the UK, I am writing to you with an update on the ongoing situation.

As of Monday 23rd March, we will switch to online tutoring for all students. For students in Year 11 and Year 13, we will proceed on the basis that exams will take place at some point in the future to ensure students are prepared regardless.

As mentioned in the email below, we will conduct our lessons at the usual time. Emails will be sent in advance of each lesson containing a link which students can click on to access the live lesson. We would recommend students join the lesson 15 minutes early the first time, to allow the Zoom Video Conferencing software to install on their computer. We will also be able to iron out any technical issues.

Please ensure students are suitably equipped to undertake online lessons. They will require a microphone in order for us to communicate – this will already be present on most laptops and tablets. A camera is recommended. They should have paper and their pencil case as they would usually do in a lesson. We will continue to tutor in the same manner – explaining topics and practicing exam style questions as we have been doing in recent months. Homework and notes will be emailed to students.

We will ensure that that there is no negative impact on their education and they continue to receive the high quality support you are accustomed to from Step2Success.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting additional material for students to make use of while they are off school. This work can be done in their own time – mark schemes will be provided and students are of course encouraged to contact us with any queries or difficulties they have.

Given the amount of time off, we will also be offering every group an additional complimentary hour of tutoring every week. This will be focused on specific areas of concern or questions they are struggling with. Further details will be provided by email over the weekend. You will also have the opportunity to book additional time should you wish to.

During this period, it is vital that we have up to date contact details for yourselves and for all students, particularly as invitations to the online classes will be sent by email. Please can you respond to this email to provide any alternative/additional email addresses that we should use to contact you.

This is clearly an unprecedented time for us all. It is our commitment to you that we will be available throughout this difficult period to provide any support you require. We are fortunate that we have the technology available to provide a high quality service remotely which we hope will reassure you that students continue to progress and are prepared for future examinations.

Therefore, as it stands, lessons this week will continue as normal. Our tutors will be available at our centres to discuss further should you wish to. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

In light of the ongoing situation with Coronavirus, we felt it was necessary to provide you with an update of our plans.

All our centres have been equipped with hand sanitisers and tutors and students will be told to regularly make use of these. Cleaners have been instructed to pay particular attention to handles / doors / switches / etc. and ensure they are cleaned with a biological disinfectant and that all toilets are kept fully supplied with cleaning products.

As the situation progresses, we will continue to follow the government’s advice regarding the steps we should take. Should the government take a decision to close all schools for the foreseeable future, as is now the case in numerous countries around the world, we will also follow their lead and close our centres for the safety and wellbeing of our students.

In anticipation of this, we will shortly be inviting students in for additional lessons where we can accommodate them. This time will be offset against any potential missed lessons as a result of closures in the future.

However, given the fast-moving nature of this situation, it is possible that we may not have a great deal of time to provide additional sessions. We are therefore taking further steps to ensure that your child’s studies are not interrupted. We currently have a number of students from around the world who are tutored online via Zoom Video Conferencing, and we will extend this facility to our UK students should we need to. Lessons will take place  at the same time they currently do, however instead of being at our centres, students will be sent a link which they can use to join the lesson remotely from home.

By sharing our computer screens, we are able to closely replicate the class-based lessons, resulting in little effect on the quality of the teaching being provided. Whilst these circumstances are not ideal, it is important that we are prepared for any eventuality and that students continue to receive the support they require, particularly if they are not at school, while continuing to minimise the potential spread of this virus.

In anticipation of this, we would recommend that students are suitably equipped at home to be able to partake in online tutoring. They will require the following:

  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet, preferably in a quiet environment with a table where they can sit and write if required.
  • Microphone (usually already equipped on laptops and tablets)
  • Paper
  • Pencil Case
  • Printing facilities are recommended. Lesson notes and homework will be sent electronically.

Therefore, as things stand, we will proceed as normal. Some students will be invited in for additional sessions, however should schools close for an extended period, we are prepared for that.

Should you have any questions at all, please use the contact form below.

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