Established in 1997, S2S provides a complete academic service, specialising in Professional Tutoring, Intensive Exam Revision Courses, and Education and Careers Consultancy. Our aim is to not only give our students the required knowledge to perform in their studies, but also to instill values which are recognised by leading universities and professional organisations. The services we offer cover the full breadth of the academic system, giving our clients and students an all-in-one solution covering tuition, intensive revision courses, interview techniques, assistance with aptitude tests and careers guidance.

The S2S team is made up of high calibre professionals from a varying range of backgrounds who have the knowledge and expertise to successfully guide our clients in the best possible way. We provide in-house training to our staff to ensure they are all providing the high quality our clients have come to expect. All of our staff are enhanced DBS checked & we have a strict safeguarding policy in place.

Our unique service is tailored to each student’s individual needs and we offer 24 hour support for study related matters. Our success can be demonstrated by the numerous clients who have successfully gained a place at their desired university, or landed a job in their chosen profession, be it medicine, engineering or accountancy. Our growth to four major UK cities is a sign of our success and has resulted predominantly from word-of-mouth recommendations, another indication of our many satisfied clients, as are our glowing references.

Our skills and resources, combined with our passion and desire to provide an impeccable all-in-one educational service, are unmatched by others and make us one of the leading educational institutions in the country.

To date Step2Success has expanded to four main cities, covering Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne, Manchester and Bradford.

Our Services

"The personal attention provided by the tutors produced the desired results. My daughter got an A in her GCSE Maths even though the school predicted a grade B. Step2Success is a very professionally run organisation."
GCSE, 2011, Leeds.
"An invaluable part of development in my children’s education and future enhancement. The Step2Success team are exceptional and truly benefit the pupils and their families. I wish to personally thank Step2Success for the positive role model that they are."
KS2, 2009, Bradford.
"Really pleased with my daughter’s GCSE results. She is now doing her A levels at Step2Success. A big thanks for the support given."
GCSE,1998, Leeds.
"A committed, passionate and motivated tutoring service with a genuine desire to educate children."
KS3, 2014, Newcastle.
"We are very grateful to Step2Success. They work professionally and are dedicated to their pupils to do well. They instil confidence and motivation which encourages their pupils to strive and achieve their best potential. Many thanks to everyone at Step2Success."
GCSE, 2013, Leeds.
"My daughter is improving greatly in Chemistry and is enjoying the subject too now."
GCSE, 2015, Bradford.
"Worthwhile preparation for exams."
A-Level, 2016, Leeds.
"Step2Success is not like an ordinary tutoring service, the tutors are there for you at any time of the day."
A-Level, 2012, Manchester.
"My son has attended Step2Success for almost two years which has boosted his confidence and ability in school."
KS2, 2017, Newcastle.
"Step2Success have helped my son achieve the grades needed to continue with further education. Our sincere thanks to all the tutors whose support proved to be invaluable."
A-Level, 2006, Leeds.
“Perfect for GCSEs. Have recommended several times. Thank you Step2Success!”
GCSE, 2017, Leeds.
“Helped numerous friends achieve excellent grades at GCSE and A-Level. Strongly recommend!”
GCSE, 2016, Leeds.
“Step2Success helped in bringing out my child’s potential, and increased his level of confidence in school work. I highly recommend them.”
KS2, 2017, Newcastle.
“The Step2Success tutors mentored me through my GCSEs, all throughout A-Levels and into university. They were pivotal in my success and taught me the fundamentals in how to be a successful professional.”
A-Level, 2014, Manchester
“Great tutoring, all my children currently attend Step2Success. My eldest is currently doing his A-Levels and got 7 A*s and 3 As at GCSE. this would not have been possible without Step2Success and their amazing help.”
GCSE, 2018, Leeds
“Friendly dedicated committed tutors that start early and finish late even on Sundays. Very experienced, teaching children from a young age to adulthood. My son is building up a strong foundation to proceed to higher levels, he is enjoying his classes. Good professional tuition, I recommend Step2Success.”
KS1, 2018, Manchester
“Great tutoring service. Excellent feedback, would recommend to all parents. Thank you!”
KS3, 2017, Manchester
“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help these past years, I can’t express my gratitude enough. I know for a fact I’ll never come across another hard-working, selfless and genuine teacher like those at Step2Success.”
GCSE, 2018, Newcastle
“Thank you for helping me throughout the last two years, giving me sufficient advice as well as preparing me for the future and what lies ahead for me. I have been grateful to have attended Step2Success!”
A-Level, 2017, Leeds
“I can’t thank you enough for all the lessons, support and advice during my A-Levels. It means a lot that you helped so much and it’s with your help and advice that I am where I am today”
A-Level, 2017, Newcastle
“Yesterday I graduated as a doctor and wanted to thank you for all the teaching and support you gave me during my GCSEs and A-Levels!”
A-Level, 2015, Leeds
“I got an A* in Chemistry – thank you so much for all your help and support. Step2Success has amazing tutors, I wish you all the best for the future.”
A-Level, 2017, Newcastle
“My daughter got 3 A’s at A-Level and got her first choice of Dentistry at Newcastle University. Thanks for your help and support!”
A-Level, 2017, Newcastle
“Thank you for aiding me through the past 7 years, your advice was invaluable.”
A-Level, 2017, Newcastle
“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I’ve been attending Step2Success for more than a decade and genuinely have no idea how I’d manage to make it this far without your help.”
A-Level, 2017, Newcastle
“My son has been told he has got a place at medical school. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, he’s so happy!”
A-Level, 2017, Newcastle
“I received my GCSE results today and I am really proud of them. Thanks for all your help!”
GCSE, 2018, Leeds
“Many thanks for all your help and support. Many congratulations to you. My son got all A*s in his GCSE exams.”
GCSE, 2017, Manchester
“I must emphasise the high quality of tutoring at Step2Success. My son has made excellent progress and I would definitely recommend it for my friends in Newcastle.”
A-Level, 2017, Newcastle
“Any amount of thanks wouldn’t be enough. Therefore I’m just passing you my wishes. My future is brighter because of you!”
A-Level, 2017, Leeds
“I am very thankful for all your help in my GCSEs and am looking forward to going through my A-Level topics with you next year. I know for a fact you have the ability to boost my progression and motivation through the challenging years ahead.”
GCSE, 2017, Newcastle

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